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What to expect on Sunday

Sunday morning worship is a full experience at First Baptist Church.  Here are some things you might want to know about what to expect on Sunday.

Service times

Throughout most of the year we have two Sunday worship services, one at 9:15 and another at 11:00am.  (From the last Sunday of June to the last Sunday of August we hold one worship service beginning at 10:00am. During Christmas/New Year we often hold one worship service at 11am -- check the church bulletin on the Home page for details )  Our services typically run an hour and a quarter in length.  On the first Sunday of the month the service is about fifteen minutes longer to allow for the celebration of the Lord’s Table, what some churches call Communion, the Breaking of Bread or the Eucharist.

Child care

We provide excellent child care in our Toddlers Room throughout the service for children aged eight months up to their second birthday.  The Toddler Room is located in the basement of the old church building (just follow the signs).  Our committed and caring staff have all been screened and trained to work with children.

wheelchair accessibility

Our main sanctuary is wheelchair accessible with a level entry from the parking lot and front sidewalk and ample aisles allowing for wheelchairs.  The washrooms on the main floor are also wheelchair accessible.  A ramp gives access from our main worship floor to the Fellowship Hall where banquets and special events are held.  Unfortunately, neither our second floor nor our basement are currently wheelchair accessible.

Songs of praise

Our services begin with announcements about events that affect the life of our church family and then quickly move to a celebration in music of the goodness and greatness of our God.  Our worship music is presented by several different groups of musicians and singers, and encompasses both traditional hymns and contemporary songs.  Some Sundays the feel is more traditional; other Sundays it’s more contemporary but whether the song is by Charles Wesley or Chris Tomlin, our focus each Sunday is the glory of God.

Touching the world through Prayer & Giving

In the central portion of the service we give people an opportunity to partner with the work of God here and around the world through financial giving.  Our church is engaged in a variety of activities that impact people here in Olds and around the world and giving to support God’s work is a major part of our life as a church.  We also spend time in prayer, led by one of our church leaders, asking God to touch the lives of needy people around the world.

Bible classes for children & youth

Part-way through our first service we dismiss children and youth for our Sunday School Bible classes.  Part-way through the second service, children aged 2 to 5 years are dismissed for "Kids Own Worship".

The Word of God

A large part of our service is devoted to hearing from God’s Word, the Bible.  Our pastor preaches through different books of Bible, giving the sense of what the Bible is saying and guiding us to see how it applies to our lives.  Our service closes with a challenge to take what we’ve heard from God and apply it to our lives throughout the week.  There are Bibles in our pews to help you follow along with the message, but we would encourage you to bring your own Bible to worship.  If you don’t have a Bible of your own, please accept the Bible that you’ll find in the pew as our gift to you and make reading it a regular part of your life.