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Friday, October 20, 2017

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Inter-generational Life Group (7:00 pm)

From Calendar: Small Groups

Location: The Home of Gary and Beth Wiens - 2025-20 Ave, Didsbury


Inter-Generational Life Group (all ages)
Fridays at 7:00 pm Begins September 29
The Home of Gary and Beth Wiens - 2025-20 Ave, Didsbury
Fellowship, singing and prayer followed by the John Snyder study, Behold Your God.

FBY - Guys and Gals Night Out (7:00 pm)

From Calendar: Youth

Location: Guys at the Church - Gals at Amber Dowell's


This Friday we’re doing a Guys Night Out and Girls Night Out event.

Guys, we’re meeting at the church for 7:00 to hang out there and do some decidedly male type things.  We suggest bringing an extra pair of socks you don’t mind losing - not saying you will lose them, but you might.  Also, we’re planning on ordering pizza so plan on bringing $2/slice.

Gals, you’re doing something that the Girls Night Out events have never done before - you’re going to have a night of fondue - both cheese and chocolate.  Of course there will be some visiting and games to.  Fondue can be very filling so your leaders suggest avoiding supper before the event but if you need to have a snack before you come.  Bring some of your favourite food to dip into cheese and chocolate.  Meet at 7:00 right at Amber Dowell’s house (5226 - 42nd Street).  Your cost is $5.

Sounds like a great night for both groups.  Enjoy!

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