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Nursery/Toddler Ministries (Birth-2nd Birthday)

Baby room (Birth - 8 Months)

The Baby Room is located on the main level just off the foyer. It is a place for mothers who require some privacy to care for their infant. It is furnished with comfortable chairs, a change table, crib, washroom and toys. This room is intended for children under a year old, and is also equipped with a closed circuit TV which airs the morning worship service..  This is an unsupervised room and mothers are asked to remain with their children.  Dads, if you need a place to change your child's diaper, there is a change table provided in the Men's washroom on the main level off the foyer.

Toddler Room (8 Months - 2ND Birthday)

The Toddler Room is located on the lower level of the church.  It is a safe, loving and friendly environment for children, equipped with age-appropriate toys, a mini-slide, closed circuit TV and washroom.  It is staffed by a minimum of two church-commissioned workers.

When signing in your child, you will be given a number tag which you must present when signing out your child.  If your child is in need during the service, your child's number will be displayed on the screen in the main sanctuary to prompt you to return to the Toddler Room. 

Location: Lower level of the church
Coordinator: Joanne Shields
Notes: Children may be signed in as early as 15 minutes before the service or at any time during the service.  Caregivers are encouraged to pick up their child directly at the end of the service.