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Ministry Involvement

Would you like to serve? Check here to see the latest needs of the church.

Worship Ministries

We are always looking for those who would like to serve in our worship music ministries and our technical support ministries. If you have vocal or instrumental gifts that you would like to offer, or if you have a technical skill in the operation of sound equipment or projection software, please speak to Pastor Brent about involvement in these ministry areas.

Children Ministries

We are committed to quality ministry to children and we have a number of children's ministries in which you could be involved.  As part of our commitment to excellence, we require that anyone involved in ministry to children must be commissioned for ministry according to our Child & Worker Protection Policy.  For more information on involvement in Children's Ministies, please contact our Pastor of Family & Children Ministries, Greg Stirling.

Youth & small group Ministries

For information on involvement in our youth ministries and small groups, please contact Pastor Andy Moffat.

Adult Ministries

For information on involvement in our adult ministries, please contact Pastor Norm Tauber.