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Small Groups

Small group leaders go here.


Small Groups have been recognized as an important aspect of the mission and ministry life of First Baptist Church. As an active participant of First Baptist Church, this is truly one of the best ways of participating fully in the life of the church.

Types of small Groups at FBC Olds

First Baptist has a diverse small group program. There is not one standard type of group that everyone joins forever. Instead, a variety of small groups can be found here.

From groups focused on...

  • Bible Study for those starting out and for the well seasoned
  • Fellowship
  • Service in mission support task focused
  • Care
  • Prayer

to groups for...

  • Women
  • Men
  • Different ages
  • Different affinities

we're sure we can find a group you can connect with, or we can help you start a group that does.

Interested in Connecting with a group?

Here are some ways to connect with our small groups:

  • The Small Groups Brochure has a list of our small groups with details like contact info, location, meeting times and more.  Hard copies are available at the Welcome Centre in the church foyer.
  • Fill out a Visitors Card and indicate that you would like to become a member of a small group. Hard copies are available in the pews in the sancruary.
  • Contact Pastor Andy for more info about connecting with a small group here at First Baptist..
  • Ask someone in a current group if they're open to new members. Watch for notices in the church bulletin and bulletin boards about new groups forming.
  • Start a small group.  Yup, that's right - this is an option for you.  Touch base with Pastor Andy to find out how.